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Selective Adsorption and Recovery of CO2

Selective Adsorption and Recovery of CO2

Starbon® materials have been shown to possess superior CO2 adsorption properties when compared with activated carbon (AC), both in terms of the amount of CO2 adsorbed and the selectivity for CO2 adsorption over N2.

In this study, the CO2 adsorption properties of Starbon® materials were measured under pressure-swing conditions. Certain Starbon® materials were shown to outperform the CO2 absorption capacity of AC by up to 50% (up to 65% at 10 bar). Furthermore, Starbon® S800 and Starbon® A800 showed much greater selectivity for CO2 adsorption than N2 adsorption (between 14:1 and 20:1) when compared to AC (between 4:1 and 5.4:1).

Read more details by clicking on this link: Carbon Capture and Starbon

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