We work with our customers to tailor our Starbon® products to meet their needs.

Starbon® materials offer a novel mode of action. For some applications there are no existing alternative technologies. For other applications Starbon® materials offer a sustainable, reusable and environmentally benign alternative to existing systems, whilst also delivering a step change in performance.

Starbon® technology allows materials to be customised in terms of pore size, surface chemistry and the extent to whether they are hydrophilic or hydrophobic.

Starbon® technology is especially effective in applications where diffusion of the species within the pore network is essential, for example:

  • Synthetic Biology & Biomedical Devices
  • Chromatography
  • Gas Trapping & Purification
  • Metal Capture, Catalysis & Metal Catalyst Supports
  • Water Purification
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  • Synthetic Biology & Biomedical Devices
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  • Metal Capture, Catalysis & Metal Catalyst Supports
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