Our company started life as a spin out from the University of York’s Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence. The name Starbon® was established in the early days of our work to add value to starch, which we carbonise to fix the structure and give our materials a longer shelf life.

We are now an independent business with a strong commercial focus. Our technology platform is under-pinned by rigorous academic research with IP and Registered TM owned by Starbons Ltd.

Our aspiration – to become the leading disruptive technology and products company in the field of Specialty Separations

Our patented technology is:

  • Green: the production process avoids the use of harmful chemicals
  • Sustainable: polysaccharides are widely available renewable resources
  • Environmentally benign: products are biodegradable and non-toxic

What are Starbon® products? Starbons are mesoporous materials derived from biorenewable polysaccharides. The Starbon® materials that we produce from starch, alginic acid, and pectin have tuneable surface functionalities, and range from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, making them particularly effective for selectively separating one entity from another.

  • High mesoporosity (up to 2.0 cm3/g)
  • High surface areas (up to 700 m2/g)
  • Controllable electrical conductivity
  • Particulate and monolithic forms – Starbon® technology allows the production of Starene®, a carbon graphite composite monolith

We offer a customised technical service to tailor our Starbon® products to your needs. Talk to us about your separations! Take a look at our Case Studies.

Starbon®  Separation made Simple.


First Patent


Materials developed in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York.


Starbons Ltd


Listing of company by the University of York. However, the business is dormant.


Industrial engagement

High value applications

Numerous applications including:
Home and Personal Care:
anti-odour formulations for medical devices
substance isolation from complex mixtures
Government research:
toxic gas capture


Private company

Laboratory scale

Company becomes private and independent from University of York. Starts trading with first customer sales.
Rob McElroy becomes a Director of the Company.


Starting to grow

Pilot scale

Production at multi 10’s kgs scale commences.
Additional patents filed. Business development activity accelerates.
Susan Brench becomes a director of the company.

More Information

Preparation of Graphite doped nanocomposites (Starene®)

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Susan Brench, CEO

Rob McElroy, CTO

Starbons Ltd
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