Imagine a solid “sponge”

The holes are the right size to allow compounds to come in and out.

The “sponge” can be made to trap compounds and release them again.

The “sponge” surface can be altered to achieve specific interactions and therefore separation outcomes.

If you need a biodegradable, sustainable solution for separating one entity from another, then talk to us.

Do you need to isolate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from complex mixtures?

Do you have waste streams containing precious metals or need to capture gases?

Our products can increase the adsorption of certain gases by more than 150% compared to the industry standard.

We work with our customers to design the best solution to meet their needs.

Let’s have a conversation.

Susan Brench, CEO

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Starbon Susan Brench

Dr Rob McElroy, CTO

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Susan Brench, CEO

Rob McElroy, CTO

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