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Starbons – Separation made Simple

At Starbons we strive to be the market leaders in the field of Specialty Separations.

Starbon® technology is versatile, and excels in applications where diffusion of the species within the pore network is essential, It is particularly effective in areas such as pharmaceutical substance isolation, gas trapping, metal capture and water purification. We make our products from seaweed, or fruit or vegetable waste – all of which are natural, sustainable and renewable materials.

We work closely with our customers in order to understand their separation problems. By doing so we are then able to create solutions that best fit their needs. For some applications there are no  existing technologies. For other applications Starbon® materials offer a sustainable, reusable and environmentally friendly alternative, whilst also delivering a step change in performance.

We carry out thorough research and tests after the initial customer discussions which allows us to develop the ideal solution. We provide our customers with a proof of concept before we tailor the technology to their needs.

A Starbon® material is like a solid sponge. We can adjust the hole sizes and stickiness of it to allow different sized species to pass through or stick to the Starbon®. Varying the stickiness means that we are able to capture substances in many ways.

We tailor products to our customer’s requirements by choice of starting material, varying the pore size, and tuning the polarity to determine the extent to which the Starbon® is hydrophilic or hydrophobic. Once customised the Starbon® will be supplied to our customer so that they can implement the material in their processes the way that works for them.

Starbons. Separation made simple.

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