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Preparation of Graphite Doped Nanocomposites (Starene®)

Preparation of Graphite Doped Nanocomposites (Starene®)

Starbon® technology allows the production of Starene® – a carbon graphite composite monolith – for use as a supercapacitor. Importantly, the material’s characteristics lead to improved conductivity as a result of a nano-graphite particle stacking phenomenon which stems from helical polysaccharide interaction and incorporation.

The carbonisation temperature plays the most important role, dispersing the large (up to 10 µm) graphite flakes presented in Starene®200 to small (40nm) graphite nanoparticles. Furthermore, a strong interaction between the graphite particles and the underlying, developing, carbonaceous material is forged, partially delaminating and reducing the size of the graphite and even merging the flakes into the carbonaceous structure.

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