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Starene® Electrodes for Super Capacitors

Starene® Electrodes for Super Capacitors

Starene® has been shown to be effective in the production of electrodes for super capacitors. A major advantage of  Starene® is that it can be prepared in monolithic form.

The high degree of graphite dispersion (incorporation) possible gives rise to a pronounced increase in conductivity. This is a factor essential for good long-term capacitance use, as well as chemical and mechanical stability.

Throughout the galvanostatic charge-discharge tests, Starene® with 20 % w/w graphite added was found to display <1% reduction in capacitance over 10,000 cycles, in sharp contrast with the standard that lost approximately 15% capacitance.

The high concentration of graphite incorporation and use of bio-derived starting materials are also important to reduce the cost of the electrodes, whilst maintaining their credentials as a sustainable alternative electrode material.

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