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Chromatographic Separation of Sugars

Chromatographic Separation of Sugars

Starbon® materials derived from alginic acid are particularly attractive chromatographic stationary phase materials. Since they present minimal micropore content, this avoids reduction in separation efficiency as a consequence of irreversible high energy analyte adsorption in sub 2 nm pores. Furthermore, alginic acid derived Starbon® products have higher mesopore volumes and sizes required for good mass transfer and flow, and also lower micropore content as compared to conventional starch derived Starbon® products.  Furthermore, Starbon® technology produces material with desirable aromatic character at relatively low temperatures, reducing the energy consumption of material preparation.

A carbonised mesoporous alginic acid is an efficient stationary phase for the separation of the sugars, glucose (mono-), sucrose (di-) and raffinose (trisaccharide). Ion chromatograms have excellent peak shape, and near baseline resolution.

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